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#382 The Kingdom

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The Kingdom

   Long long time ago was one hero. He made a lot of feats, but he didn't become famous. All what he could have left for his descendants were his title and Emblem, but once...

...Once, there was a fight in tavern, where our here was staying at night. It was trivial drunken fight, but in the center was a older storyteller, in fact, precisely because of his story 2 mercenaries started fighting, than the other guests, that were drunken joined to it. Our hero wouldn't be hero, but he protected storyteller from furious crowd on the fresh air. Fortunately storyteller wasn't hurt and more than it he was really thankful. he gave to his savior scroll with ancient legends, that each respectable hero should know - to affect ladies and for general development.

   Our hero read whole scroll from one side to the other. He liked some legends so much, that learned them by heart. One of them touched his soul and settled in his mind. It was about magnificent castle, which floats above waves of fascinated lake, hidden among the impregnable mountains. Legend told, that castle doesn't belong to anybody, and it was created by Gods together with the rest of the world and only pure-minded hero will be able to achieve fascinated lake.

   Sooth to say, there wasn't said how to reach castle, but it has a picture of castle - breathtaking, as if lively! Hero noticed, that if he saw the picture for a long time the wave of the lake began to move, flags on the spire towers trembled and decorates on the walls glistened in the sun - even if the night was around. So he left his wayfaring and rushed to the mountains. Somewhere there is the magic valley with the lake and the most beautiful castle in the world he was saying to himself.

   He spent Many years in wanderings, committed a lot of achievements, found a lot of enemies and friends, but didn't achieved his goal. In one mountain village he met his love and got married, but he often remembered his unrealized dream, read scroll again and looked at beautiful castle.

   Once he fell asleep at his library and woke up on the shore of Lake Wonderful with shrill, turquoise water. Sun shined bright, and suddenly hero noticed, that he became younger and above the water was most beautiful castle in the world! Hero forgot all caution and jumped into the water - and in a moment jumped out: water was hot as a flame. The purpose again was the unattainable, and the hero in desperation flounced on the shore, shouted curses to nobody.

   At night he got tired. Hero made a fire in the coastal bush and got asleep. A darkened waters of the lake, which doesn't reflect the stars at some point, suddenly burst in full silence. Above the once-calm surface rises head the monster, which had not seen anybody - so terrible, that the ink freezes when I try to describe it.

   Woken up by his sixth sense, he was just watching as the creature moved in his direction. But as soon as its body affected coastal rocks, the hero dropped the shackles of powerlessness, drew a sword and slowly moved toward the beast.

   It was a long fight, but despite the advantage in power, beast from lake was loosing because the hero back felt the support of his friends encountered during his wanderings. This invisible force entered into his sword and it shined bright sun flames.

   Blinded monster has tried to escape but the flaming blade in unfaltering hand defeated him. At the same moment dark dissipated and the night was the night again and the lake reflected the countless stars. Above the water weightless suddenly appeared, which was leading to the beautiful castle and a hero as winner went into.

   Many years have passed and beautiful castle became the capital of might kingdom, which is ready to accept any faithful and honest hero under it's wing.

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